Silkscreen printing
In November 2013 I took part in "PIY/ Print it Yourself Seminars and Workshop" which was a fantastic introduction to silkscreen printing, run by Tind, Silk Bastards and Antonis Daktilidis. We had the opportunity to print our own design, either on paper or textile. Thank you also to Xrisanthos Aggelakis who printed our paper designs together with Tind (random printing - different inks on lots of different papers). The best prints were the overprints with one design on top of the other, with unexpected results. See www.facebook.com/pages/PIY-Print-It-Yourself-Seminars-and-Workshop for photos from all of the days.
It closed with an exhibition in December 2013.

Here is just one of my prints on papyrus paper
"The Seven Samurai / PIY team"




Linocuts and woodcuts
In October 2012 I started linocut and woodcut lessons with Andriana Kotsi at the Ergastiria Texnis in Agia Paraskevi. It is definitely the highlight of my week. Carving is such a calming process and then messing around with the inks to print is very satisfying. We took part in an exhibition July 1-5, 2013 at Technopolis Gazi.




August - October 2013
Second adventures in papermaking
On our summer holidays on the island of Paros we went to a beautiful, quiet beach. Along the shore there was seagrass that was bleached white by the sun and sea salt. I collected a few handfuls to include in my papermaking on my return to Athens.

Paper with seagrass and recycled papers

Gifts of handmade papers for my friends at my linocut / woodcut lessons.
sundried seagrass and recycled papers / crayon drawings and coffee filters / recycled papers and egg carton

Third adventures in papermaking
With plants

Then washed till the water runs clear, debris removed and then separated into two types. I used the softer fibres which were blended into a fine pulp

the day after the first drying stage (photo above) the papers are carefully pressed onto a wooden surface to dry, which results in papers with one smooth side and one slightly rough side


March 2013
My papier mâché lizards and hens are taking part in the event ZOO at Martinos gallery.

Lizard on the wall


March 2013
Lizard, T-rex and Snake
papier mâché, acrylic paint, wool



February 2013
"Cinammon and crayon" - my first handmade paper
Recipe for first adventures in paper making
1. take recycled paper from around the house - I used some old drawings and scribbles in crayon (with the permission of my daughter) and thin tissue paper that wrapped the bread. 2. rip it up into small pieces with the enthusiastic participation of little helpers 3. throw it all into a bucket of warm water 4. stir vigorously 5. leave overnight 6. blend to a fine pulp. ready for paper making


February 2013
Necktie collection
Shirts from handmade paper and neckties from magazine papers



January 2013
Here is a beginning for two snakes. I will keep the newspaper pieces showing or paint it over.
One is going to be a bracelet and the other a necklace, or they will just slither across my studio.

A late night stroll down by the harbour in Marinatown
Giraffe and donkey with wings
Papier mâché with recycled newspapers, flour paste. Acrylic paints, water-based varnish


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